Why choose Croatia?

Why choose Croatia for dental treatment?
Save up to 70% on Dental Treatment in Croatia!
Croatian dental offices are offering treatments for a fraction of a price of those in UK, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Russia, United States or Canada.
Prices for cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry and dental implants in Croatia are very competitive. To get an idea of how much can be saved consider that dental implants in Western countires cost between $2.000 and $2,500 (in EUR, between 1.500 and 2.000). Price for the top quality (Astra, Straumann, Nobel) implant in Croatia is around $1.000 (in EUR, around 700 EUR).
Waiting lists are a fact of life in some countries. Many western countries with excellent, free or highly subsidized dental care simply cannot meet the demands put upon them. Waiting a year for necessary cosmetic procedure may not be an option, even if it is eventually free or covered by insurance. By traveling to Croatia for treatment you could receive the treatment you want in a short time.
Sometimes the treatment that you are looking for simply isn’t available locally and you may be forced to travel. This is particularly the case for people living in rural communities where finding specialized dental care can mean making long journeys to major cities. Traveling slightly further to another country for dental treatment is one small step further.
Many people don’t want to be around their friends and family during cosmetic dental surgery. Some would prefer to come home from their ‘holiday’ with a smile that delights and surprises. Although this is a valid reason for wanting to travel, it should always take a back seat to choosing a quality dentist.
Croatia has a natural beauty and plenty to offer the visitor pre and post treatment, with lakes, waterfalls, woods mountains, magnificent coastline and beautiful cities such as Zagreb, capital of Croatia.
Combining your dentistry needs with a holiday in Croatia is an excellent idea!
If you'd like to find out more about what to see and do in Zagreb, please visit „What to see in Zagreb?“

Modern technology and high quality materials allow us to provide top quality services. Most of the dentists in Croatia have completed many training programs and seminars in Western European countries and the United States so that they can successfully implement new technology and trends. The reason for completing programs and seminars outside of Croatia is due to the high demands of foreign patients. The staff speak several languages that include English, Italian, French and German.
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