How long does whitening take?
In the office, whitening takes between 45 and 60 minutes.

What is a ZOOM whitening lamp?
The ZOOM lamp is the most famous whitening lamp in the world, and it is used to intensify the effect of the whitening agent in order to achieve the best whitening results. After the ZOOM 2 lamp, which had a somewhat weaker effect, Philips developed the new ZOOM 3 lamp based on LED technology, and it guarantees better whitening results.

What should one know before teeth whitening?
Ceramic crowns, bridges and composite fillings (white fillings) are not subject to whitening, which means that if you plan to change your smile, it is important to get the whitening done first.

How long can I expect my teeth to remain white?
After you have whitened your teeth, your shiny new smile remains for a longer period of time; how long exactly depends on each individual client, the food you eat and regular dental hygiene.

Does whitening damage teeth?
It is proven that whitening does not damage tooth enamel. After whitening, it is possible that the teeth are more sensitive, but we consider this normal and it soon passes.
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