Tooth cleaning and polishing

Professional tooth cleaning and polishing is recommended twice a year for everyone, regardless of whether you have a problem!
All those who experience bleeding gums, increased accumulation of dental plaque and calculus, gum recession or who have a genetic inclination to periodontitis should develop an individual cleaning plan with their dentist. Namely, good hygiene is the only way to prevent and stop further progression of the disease and the resulting tooth loss.

Regardless of how well you clean your teeth at home, there are always places that are hard to reach and where caries or periodontal disease can appear. Just take a look at the TV commercials – they all compete as to whose toothbrush or toothpaste cleans better! Yet none of them can clean everything.

Regular check-ups ensure that the problem is recognized at an early stage when treatment is definitely successful! With today’s know-how and the possibilities of modern dental medicine, periodontitis is not an untreatable condition, and it certainly should not be a reason for tooth loss.

Oral hygiene has been proven to be a precondition for tooth health and for health of all the surrounding structures!
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