Planmeca Pro Max 3D CBCT

The ability to mimic nature …

The Planmeca Pro Max 3D CBCT is a fully digitised CT device that represents a revolution in the planned of dental procedures. It allows us to see the 'invisible'. In other words, using a CT scan, we can clearly see that which a digital orthopan does not show. In comparing the images of the digital orthopan and the CT in a person, we often alter the planned therapy. The CT scan clearly shows inflammation, its size and relationship to other structures, whether the teeth have been adequately treated, how many roots and how many canals an individual tooth has, and much more.
The dental CT has become a mandatory tool in the planning of installation of implants, and it gives the best information on the proper position to install the implant.
The quantity of radiation exposure in modern CT devices has been significantly reduced, and as such there is no danger of an excessive radiation dose. For the sake of comparison, the quantity of radiation a patient is exposed to in a CT segment scan is identical to the exposure from an analogue orthopan, and many times less than a lung x-ray. The reason for this is in the modern digital sensors that register even the smallest quantity of radiation.
Dental Centar B2 has the best device by Finnish manufacturer Planmeca.
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