Instructions after surgery

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Care for the area operated on is very important. In order to avoid possible complications and reduce postoperative sensitivity, it is necessary to abide by the instructions. You will receive specific instructions from your dentist; just a few of the most important are mentioned below:  
  • If sterile gauze was left over the operated area, it is necessary to remove it after 15 minutes (new gauze may be placed if there is still some bleeding)
  • Washing or touching the operated on area should be avoided in order to prevent extended bleeding or loss of a blood clot
  • Please take the prescribed pain medicine at the moment you feel that the anaesthesia is no longer working
  • Avoid strenuous activity and find some time to rest
  • Put cold compresses on your face over the operated on area
  • If the surgery took longer than expected, do not jump up suddenly from the lying position; spend a few minutes sitting  

For frequently asked questions regarding oral surgery, please see FAQ-surgery.  

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