Avoid abrasion of your own healthy teeth and the wearing of various mobile devices …opt for dental implants
Dental implants are among the most attractive improvements in modern dental medicine, creating great advantage. Implantology is a branch of dental medicine that provides solutions for all types of tooth loss, from one missing tooth to total tooth loss.
Implantology is intended for all age groups and represents an ideal solution for persons who are not satisfied with classic dentures. Dental implants allow for the best quality prosthetic solution that will contribute to preservation of the natural teeth, preventing bone recession (loss) and significantly improving the quality of life. They are built into the bone in order to form a support for prosthetic replacements such as crowns, bridges and prostheses. They are usually made of titanium, whose biocompatibility enables incorporation with the human bone. To date there have been no rejections!

The implant success rate today is around 98%, which qualifies this type of intervention among the most successful in dentistry. In the case of a lack of bone, artificial bone is added to stimulate bone tissue growth to ensure successful integration of the implant with the surrounding tissue.

Implants consist of two parts:
  • Implant – a titanium screw that is built into the bone by means of a small surgical procedure, after growing in with the bone, the implant represents a replacement for the tooth root.
  • Prosthetic upgrade – may be made of titanium, zirconium or gold and serves as the connection between the implant and the ceramic crown (cover).

Tooth loss may be a reason to get an implant. In the case of several missing teeth, bridges are built on the implants. In this manner, natural teeth are preserved and extensive prosthetic solutions are avoided. This means that the client receives a better quality and more comfortable prosthetic replacement that functions just as well as natural teeth, thus contributing to better self-confidence and quality of life. In cases of complete tooth loss, implants enable the making of a fixed bridge or, depending on the situation, a prosthetic anchored on the implants.
At Dental Centre b2, we only use implants from the most renowned producers: Nobel Biocare (Sweden), Straumann (Switzerland), Astra tech (Sweden).

Through analysis and complete diagnostics, we will determine the most efficient and most functional solution for you.

For frequently asked questions regarding implants, please see FAQ-implants.
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