Free hand bonding

For those who wish to improve their smile without abrading their teeth for ceramic veneers or ceramic crowns, free hand bonding is the right choice.

Clients often come in ready to improve their smile. However, what dissuades them from doing so is the intervention in hard tooth structures, because they want to protect their teeth. Ceramic veneers require minimal preparation but do require some abrading, and this often dissuades clients from the whole procedure.

There is a whole range of solutions that can be considered to replace a broken part of a tooth, improve tooth proportions and reshape or entirely redesign your smile. Whatever this procedure requires, we will help you find the most conservative (sparing) and most efficient solution that will satisfy you both aesthetically and functionally.

What are we talking about?

In recent years, dental technology has taken great large steps forward in perfecting composite materials that are normally used for fillings. These materials have come to closely mimic to all the features of tooth enamel, and as such they can be used to redesign your smile with no intervention into healthy tooth structures. Their base is made of glass ceramics just as in ceramic veneers, which means that aesthetically they are aligned with the colour of the rest of the teeth.

The materials are excellent: however, is not simple to match all the characteristics of the natural tooth colour. Special skill is required: the special techniques, knowledge and experience of an experienced dentist. However, the goal is to imitate nature, is it not!? In this, our team recognizes a challenge!

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