Is it better to treat a tooth or to pull it?
There is no dilemma here. Treatment is always the better option. There is nothing better than what nature has already made; therefore, we should preserve our own teeth if at all possible.

My tooth is swollen but I am not in pain. Why?
It is possible for an infected tooth to not ache. The infection slowly develops until the face above the affected tooth is swollen. There is no pain because the infected content is removed, either through the tooth or through the fistula on the gums above the tooth root. This condition is alarming because it can go unnoticed for a long period of time; antibiotics are not a solution, as they only calm the situation and serve as a support to actual therapy called endodontics (tooth treatment).

Is is painful and how many visits are necessary for tooth treatment?
The procedure is completely painless because it is performed under local anaesthesia; one visit usually suffices.

What about after the treatment?
After successful endodontics (tooth treatment), the tooth is usually permanently sealed with a filling or, if there is a major defect on the tooth crown, an upgrade is placed in the tooth root, and it is permanently sealed with a ceramic crown.
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