Composite fillings (white fillings)

We use the latest materials and application techniques in making composite fillings (white fillings) …
Silver amalgam fillings (black fillings) have been a standard in dental medicine for many years. However, in recent years they have been virtually entirely replaced by biocompatible and aesthetically more pleasing composite materials (in tooth colour- white fillings). These composite materials are chemically and mechanically bonded to the tooth structures.

The process of making a composite filling is significantly more sensitive than for amalgam fillings and requires patience, time and skill.

Composite materials are used for:
  • Small and medium fillings
  • Replacement of old amalgam fillings
  • Replacement of cracked parts of a tooth
  • Correction of tooth shape
  • Tooth colour correction
For frequently asked questions regarding composite fillings, please see FAQ-composite fillings.   
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