Composite fillings-FAQ

What is the difference between black amalgam and white composite fillings?
The difference is in the material and the application. A black amalgam filling is bonded to the tooth only mechanically, while a white composite filling is chemically bonded to the tooth. Amalgam fillings are almost obsolete. Composite fillings come in the colour of the tooth, making them aesthetically flawless.

Are there better and worse composite materials?
Yes, though this is relative. All of today’s composite materials are good enough for fillings, it can be said that some are better than others. A dentist needs to know about a certain material in order to create an excellent filling.

What is an inlay?
An inlay is a filling made in a dental laboratory. It represents a better solution than one made directly in the mouth, especially in the case of a major tooth defect. Inlays are made using composite or ceramic materials depending on the client’s wishes.
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