Bridges are an alternative to implants. Missing teeth are replaced by ceramic ones that are supported by the proximate teeth on both sides
The supporting teeth are abraded and fitted with ceramic crowns that hold the replacement teeth. The disadvantage of a bridge is that cleaning is difficult and it requires the abrasion of at least two neighbouring teeth – the supporting teeth.

Instead of a ceramic bridge with a metal base that over time can result in a dark line along the gums, Dental Centre b2 offers bridges made of all ceramic material types.
All ceramic bridges continue to use the existing teeth as support, though there will never be a dark line at the transition to the gums. These have a better fit as they are computer-made and allow light penetration so that they illuminate gums from within, thus giving them the appearance of vitality as in natural teeth.
Due to this light penetration (translucence), all ceramic bridges are scarcely different from natural teeth.
If you wish to make your smile more beautiful or replace old bridges, all ceramic bridges and crowns are an excellent choice!

An Alternative to Bridges

If you lack one or several teeth, you have the following options:
  • implants
  • partial prosthetic
  • space support

An implant with a crown is the best solution, because it does not require abrasion of the neighbouring teeth and prevents bone loss at the site of tooth loss!

A partial denture is a solid and cheap solution, but it is not completely satisfactory either in function or aesthetics, and some people have difficulty accepting such a replacement!

A space support is used, for example, when a child loses a milk tooth, in order to maintain the existing space in order to avoid disarrangement in the position of the teeth (orthodontic anomalies).

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