Your new teeth in a matter of hours!
With the ALL-ON-4 method – referring to the fact that that everything can be done on just four implants – it is possible to replace teeth in a matter of hours. This method is the preferred choice for persons who wish to have a fixed prosthetic and have lost all of their teeth, or whose teeth are in really bad condition and are to be removed. In addition, it is used with persons who have the minimal bone volume necessary for the implants and are not candidates for regular implant-prosthetic rehabilitation.
With the ALL-ON-4 method we bring a smile back to your face by replacing all the missing structures: in order to change the whole appearance of the lower third of the face; bring back the lips and cheek support, and to enable a normal chewing function.
On the same day, in a matter of hours, the implants are put in and a temporary prosthetic is made, which remains affixed to the implants until they heal. After about three months, the definitive prosthetic is completed and is then fixed onto the existing implants.

  • Fixed teeth in a matter of hours
  • A more affordable financial solution than regular implant-prosthetic rehabilitation
  • Excludes bone upgrading and lifting the bottom of the sinus
  • Minimal recovery time
  • The implants (Nobel Biocare) have a life-time guarantee
  • Brings back the natural appearance of the face and the chewing function of the jaw
  • A long-term solution
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